December 2002

The Web Initiative Grant from the National University of Singapore ends and with it the Senior Research Fellowships of Marjorie Bloy and Tamara Wagner, who have contributed so many important materials to the Victorian Web, as did John van Whye, who left Singapore in November.

George P. Landow completes a web-version of Michael Steig's classic Dickens and Phiz.

Philip V. Allingham and George P. Landow create a section on adaptations of Victorian fiction in drama, cinema, and television, including contemporary illustrations of theatrical adaptations of Dickens. They also create a section on Victorian Pantomime, which includes W. S. Gilbert's essay on the subject. Tamara Wagner creates new sections on Catherine Hubback and Catherine Gore.

November 2002

Marjorie Bloy completes an eighty-document section on Victorian workhouses and Poorlaw. Tamara Wagner contributes multi-sectioned essays on Victorian utopian novels and on divorce laws in Wilkie Collins's novels. GPL adds 100 illustrations by Phiz scanned by PVA, who also contributes the text of Fox Cooper's 1860 dramatic adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities and an essay on Dennis Potter's 1978 television adaptation of Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge.

October 2002

George P. Landow and John van Whye carry out a major reorganization and rationalization of the folder structure of the Victorian Web, which should be invisible to users but which makes maintaining our 18,500 documents easier. Working with photographs and caption material by PVA, Charlotte Pabst-Kastner, and Sarah Bird Wright, GPL creates a gallery of pictures related to Thomas Hardy and his novels.

September 2002

Patrick Regan contributes material for sections on two poets -- Stephen Heath and Robert Buchanan -- which include primary texts, and D.P. O'Connor contributes an essay on Bartle Frere to the history section.

August 2002

PVA creates materials on the novelist Charles Lever and commentary on Phiz's two-dozen illustrations of Lever's novel, Barrington. He also adds plates and commentary on Walter Paget's illustrations for Hardy's The Pursuit of The Well-Beloved.

July 2002

John Bell Young sends in a notice of the recording of Richard Strauss's musical adaptation of Tennyson's Enoch Arden.

Marjorie Bloy completes her massive sub-web on the Crimean War. Marianne Thormahlen's essay on Sarah Ellis and the Brontë pseudonyms added. A new member of the Victorian Web Books section: Sally Mitchell's Diana Mulock Craik. New illustrations by George Cruikshank are added to PVA's introduction and biography.

Chosen for Best of History Web Sites. More Fred Walker illustrations added by PVA.

May and June 2002

Using several dozen images from P. Neill Ralley's Stained Glass Photography site that he shared with the Victorian Web, GPL created a new section that thus far includes works by Ford Madox Brown, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Henry Holiday, William Morris, and Philip Webb.

Dr John van Wyhe, Senior Research Fellow for the Victorian Web, wrote overview pages for evolution, progress and natural laws, man, astronomy, geology, medicine, a new overview of phrenology and a new bibliography. In addition he created biographies for the following figures in Victorian science: Louis Agassiz, Charles Babbage, William Buckland, G. Campbell, Duke of Argyll, George Combe, Robert Chambers, G. Cuvier, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Charles Lyell, Richard Owen, William Whewell, and John Tyndall. Additional biographies were commissioned for Samuel Butler, J.B. Lamarck, James Clark Maxwell and J.D. Hooker, and all existing documents in the science section were edited and updated.

Sections on science and religion and science publishing were commissioned from Aileen Fyfe; new pages on physics by Chris Haley and a new section on botony by Jim Endersby.

John scanned and formatted the following primary texts: Charles Babbage's Ninth Bridgewater Treatise (1837); The Reign of Law (1860) by G. Campbell, Duke of Argyll; J.C. Maxwell's "Molecules" Nature (Sept. 1873); John Tyndall's Address Delivered before the British Association Assembled at Belfast (1874), and the following works by Darwin: Autobiography and An historical sketch of the progress of opinion on the origin of species.

Further books were aquired by permission: Cuvier's Discours sur les révolutions de la surface du globe, et sur les changemens qu'elles ont produits dans le règne animal (3rd French edn 1825). Discourse on the revolutionary upheavals on the surface of the globe and on the changes which they have produced in the animal kingdom. (1825); anonymous review of Essay on the Theory of the Earth, The British Review and London Critical Journal (vol. V 1813); anonymous review of Essay on the Theory of the Earth, Edinburgh Review, January 1814); Poetry and Medicine: W. E. Henley's In Hospital add an intro, bibliographical data and move; Jenkin Fleeming's "Review of Darwin's The origin of species" The North British Review, June 1867, (46) pp. 277-318; Richard Owen's Review of Darwin's Origin of Species, Edinburgh Review, 1860 (3), pp. 487-532. Additional primary texts were scanned by David Clifford: Herbert Spencer's 'Development Hypothesis' (1852); A.R. Wallace's On the Law which has Regulated The Introduction of New Species (1855), and Cuvier's Elegy of Lamarck.

May 2002

John van Wyhe, who fixed some 3000 broken links, also created a section on Victorian engravings of Cambridge from Atkinson's Cambridge described and illustrated: being a short history of the Town and University (Macmillan, 1897).

April 2002

GPL reviews the autobiography of one of the major figures in Victorian studies -- Richard D. Altick's A Little Bit of Luck: The Making of an Adventurous Scholar.

Marjorie Bloy puts the finishing touches on her important new heavily linked section in the history materials on twenty-seven British Prime Ministers.

Philip V. Alligham reviews Lillian Nayder's Unequal Partners: Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, and Victorian Authorship (Cornell U. P., 2001). New section on reviews of contemporary criticism and scholarship.

March 2002

VW wins award from and World's Greatest Websites. Philip Allingham contributes essays on individual illustrations by Phiz of Tale of Two Cities, the lost Franklin expedition, and The Search for the North-West Passage: 1497-1845. Chosen for World's Greatest Websites

E-texts added for Max Beerbohm's "A Defence of Cosmetics" and "Diminuendo," Richard La Gallienne's "The Boom in Yellow," and Oscar Wilde's "The Decay of Lying." Brown students contribute extensive reading and discussion questions for these works.

February 2002

Harry Richard Stelling, Associate Professor Emeritus, Augustana College, contributes "A Five Day's Walk," an essay about Carlyle.

Marjorie Bloy adds biography of David Ricardo.

Brown students contribute extensive reading and discussion questions for Carlyle, Thoreau, and Ruskin.

January 2002

"What's New in the Victorian Web" created.

Dr. Marjorie Bloy and Dr. John van Whye take up their positions as Victorian Web Research Fellows. Dr. Bloy creates a biography and list of works for Thomas DeQuincey and then adds an e-text of Confessions of an English Opium Eater.

Sections addded on the following artists:

Many new works by Edward Burne-Jones, Frederic Lord Leighton, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and others. "3 Plates by George Du Maurier for Trilby (1894);" "The Implicit Theme in the Works of Thomas Hardy."

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