Using images and text from the Victorian Web on other sites and in essays or published material

What you can use

You may use texts and images from the Victorian Web for any scholarly or educational purpose as long as you meet the following conditions:

1. The image is accompanied by the following permission statement: "This image may be used without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose."

2. You must credit by name the author or photographer.

3. You must credit the site by name either as The Victorian Web or

4. You must link back to the url from which you have borrowed the materials. Omitting such links to our site is a double act of theft: It fails to credit those who have created material we share freely, and hurts us because Google and other search engines rank sites in order of importance according to links to them, so omitting such links essentially steals both our work and our visibility and ability to do good.

What you cannot use

1. Material, particularly images, lent to the Victorian Web from other sites.

2. Images and text shared with readers of the Victorian Web by museums, commercial galleries, and owners that do not specifically state that they may be used.

Note: We try to observe these rules ourselves, something clear from both The Victorian Web's bibliographies and many headnotes containing thanks to authors and links to other websites. Nonetheless, we have discovered a few cases in which contributors submitted plagiarized material. If you see anything here that does not belong, please notify the webmaster.

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13 October 2004