December 2003

Catherine Hay contributes "Mother's love -- Maternal projection in Hopkins and and Swinburne;"

November 2003

Alan Jackson contributes an essay on William Knibb, Jamaican missionary and leader of the antislavery movement. PVA adds "The Victorian Short Story: A Brief History"

October 2003

PVA and GPL create the "Thomas Hardy Gallery -- Places Important in His Life and Writings," containing 32 modern photographs and 41 contemporary ones.

September 2003

GPL creates a section on Holman Hunt's book illustrations and adds six plates from the Moxon Tennyson to the Clarkson Stanfield sitemap, and equal number to that for J. C. Horsley, four for Rossetti, five by Thomas Creswick, and 18 by Millais.

PVA contributes a section containing 11 illustrations with extensive commentary on James Abbott Pasquier's plates for Hardy's A Pair of Blue Eyes; "The Wife Sale in The Mayor of Casterbridge;" The Return of the Native as Sensation Fiction;" a review of David Thacker's 2001 adaptation of Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge; eight sets of discussion questions for Hardy's The Return of the Native; "Eustacia and Clym as Tragic Heroes in The Return of the Native;" "Egdon Heath as Another Character in The Return of the Native." Brown students create reading questions for Tennyson's early poetry.

August 2003

Marjorie Bloy creates a section on ninetneenth-century riots and civil disorders containing a dozen documents. Joachim Dagg, Abteilung für Entomologie, Institut für Phytopathologie und Pflanzenschutz, Göttingen, contributes "Herbert Spencer's Anticipations of Natural Selection" and "A Metaphor for Herbert Spencer's Explanatory System ." Gregory Bungo contributes "Irony in Thomas Malthus' 'Essay on Population'"

July 2003

GPL creates a section on Victorian artist-designed postcards based on the relevant section of Anthony Guneratne and James A. Findlay's Modernism for the Masses. PVA contributes his series of essays on James Abbott Pasquier's illustrations for Thomas Hardy's A Pair of Blue Eyes and his essay on Hardy's "source" for the heroine of that novel. He also wrote "Applying Modern Critical Theory to Robert Browning's 'My Last Duchess'" and a brief introduction to modern literary theory.

Richard Kelly, Lindsay Young Professor of English at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, contributes several chapters from his published books, including "Through Bergson's Looking-Glass," "Scrooge," "Washington Irving and Dickens's A Christmas Carol," and "George du Maurier: The Satiric Artist" plus a list of recent editions of A Christmas Carol. Richard Patterson of Melbourne, Australia, contributes material on "The Cost of Living in 1888" found in Victorian periodicals.

Richard Austin contributes the soundfiles of him reading the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins.

June 2003

PVA contributes an essay on illustrations of Hard Times and W. Hatherell's illustrations to an early version of Jude the Obscure.

May 2003

Thomas Halloran, who is creating a section on Ireland for the sister Postcolonial Web, contributes "'An Éirinneach nó Sassanach tú?' -- Are You Irish or English?" -- a response to Paul Gough's "Why Ireland wasn't a Colony." Members of English 151 ("Fantasy and Realism in Victorian Literature"), Brown University, contribute essays on authors read in the course. Philip V. Allingham provides five co-operative learning projects for Dickens's Hard Times and six for A Christmas Carol as well as his transcription of Dickens's essay from Household Words, "Frauds on the Fairies". Hugh Jones of Canada contributes "15041 Private Joseph L. Vince, Royal Canadian Regiment."

April 2003

Members of English 151, Brown University, contribute reading and discussion questions for Tennyson's Idylls, Trollope's The Warden, and various works by John Ruskin. Philip V. Allingham continues his series of close readings of individual plates by Hatherell for Jude the Obscure, completing them in May.

March 2003

Philip V. Allingham adds his transcription of Dion Boucicault's Dot, an adaptation of Charles Dickens's second Christmas Book, The Cricket on the Hearth. Members of English 151, Brown University, contribute reading and discussion questions for North and South and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh and individual poems by Robert Browning.

February 2003

Members of English 151, Brown University, contribute reading and discussion questions for MacDonald's Phantastes and for various works by Thomas Carlyle

January 2003

Members of English 151, Brown University, contribute reading and discussion questions for the Alice Books.

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