December 2004

PVA reviews Audrey Jaffe's Scenes of Sympathy: Identity and Representation in Victorian Fiction.

Brown University undergraduate and postgraduate students contribute essays on Swinburne and Rossetti, Millais, the late Pre-Raphaelites, Hopkins, and Ben Sullivan '05, Mesa State College, adds an essay on MacDonald's Lilith.

November 2004

Beginning mid-month, GPL begins seven-week process of standardizing footer icons, links, and decorative initials. He contributes a brief discussion of Benjamin Disraeli and Anti-Semitism and the text of Swinburne's "Dolores" and photographs of Burne-Jones's mosaic program for St. Paul's within the Walls, Rome. PVA contributes the text of Arnold's "Sohrab and Rustom" and a series of essays about it as well as the texts of "The Song of the Shirt" by Thomas Hood and Browning's "Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister" and "A Toccata of Galuppi's," and a contemporary portrait of A. H. Hallam. GPL greatly enlarges the sections on decorative arts. Brown University undergraduate and postgraduate students create discusison questions and essays on Swinburne, Rossetti, Morris, and Victorian decorative arts, including furniture, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, metalwork, and individual designers.

October 2004

PVA reviews Harry E. Shaw's Narrating Reality: Austen, Scott, and Eliot. Brown University undergraduates add discussion questions and brief essays for the works of Christina Rossetti, Dante RossettiJohn Ruskin, and Edward Burne-Jones.

September 2004

GPL adds material on Victorian railway locomotives and rolling stock. Brown University undergraduates contribute brief essays and discussion questions about Hunt, Millais. PVA reviews Caroline Levine's The Serious Pleasures of Suspense: Victorian Realism and Narrative Doubt.

August 2004

PVA, who creates introductions to Household Words and All the Year Round, contributes a brief biography of Emily Brontë plus the text of her "Song" and reading questions for it. He also adds a biography of Robert Louis Stevenson and Sonnet 43 from E. B. Browning's Sonnets from the Portugese. GPL adds more than 40 plates from Willy Pogány's magnificent book-length edition of Coleridge's "Ancient Mariner." George Gardiner Wood sends in some corrections and additions to the biography of George MacDonald.

July 2004

Working with GPL, Sarah Eron '05, Victorian Web Research Assistant, creates a section on Coverntry Patmore, which includes material on his relation to Hopkins, Tennyson, and Plato as well as critical essays on The Angel in the House, The Unknown Eros, and other poems. Drawing upon Project Gutenberg e-texts, GPL creates full web versions of The Angel in the House and The Victories of Love. PVA contributes reading questions for Gaskell's "The Half-Brothers" and Wilkie Collins's "A Terribly Strange Bed" as well as W. S. Gilbert's biography and the text of his "The Yarn of the 'Nancy Bell'" plus reading questions for it.

June 2004

GPL reviews Lauren Goodlad's Victorian Literature and the Victorian State and Joseph Bizup's Manufacturing Culture: Vindications of Early Victorian Industry.

May 2004

PVA and GPL create a new section of the Dickens gallery -- "Dickens's homes and other places associated with him," and they add a set of documents on an 1861 dramatic adaptation of Great Expectations.

April 2004

GPL contrbutes "Tennyson's influence on T. S. Eliot" and creates a new section on Domestic Victorian and Edwardian Stained Glass, based contributions from Matt Clarkson of the Antique Glass Studio (UK); he adds links to Punch illustrations to the biography of Richard Cobden. PVA contributes discussion questions for Thomas Hardy's "The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion."

Students from Lakehead University, Canada, contribute half a dozen essays on Hardy's fiction; students from Brown U. contribute question sets on Thomas Carlyle's On Heroes, Lewis Carroll, Lord Dunsany; Tennyson's In Memoriam.

PVA and GPL add 48 new plates from Punch at mid-century

March 2004

PVA and GPL complete a new section on illustrators of Great Expectations containing several hundred documents and images relating to seven artists; PVA contributes "The Serial structure of Hardy's The Return of the Native;" Students from Brown U. contribute question sets for Aurora Leigh; GPL creates a section on Judaism in Victorian England

February 2004

GPL creates section for Lord Dunsany. Students from Brown U. contribute question sets on Jane Eyre and George MacDonald.

January 2004

PVA and GPL create sections on William Hatherell's 12 illustrations for Hardy's Jude the Obscure and a another dozen by George Du Maurier for Hardy's A Laodicean; PVA creates extensive discussions of each of the plates. PVA adds discussion questions for Hardy's "The Ruined Maid." GPL creates a web translation of "Tristram Shandy and the Comedy of Context," which has appeared in print several times, most recently in a German collection of essays on Sterne. He also contributes "The Victorian Invention of the Modern Company."

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