THE female artists of England have attained a position which, measured by the excellent works produced by not a few of them, cannot justly be ignored; and although, unlike Angelina Kauffman, whose name appears among the earliest members of the Royal Academy, the claims of her successors have been ignored by the Academy, this is no proof that they have not shown themselves equally, if not more, entitled to participate in the honours which the institution has to bestow. Painting and sculpture are at the present time both well represented by the “gentle” sex, and if in the former art we have not a Madlle. Rosa Bonheur to take the lead of our school in cattle-painting, we have those who in genre, landscape, and flower-painting, both in oils and water-colours, are entitled to distinctions which at some time or other perhaps not far distant the Academy may not consider it beneath its dignity to recognise. At any rate we have in Art, as in literature, many among us to prove that men do not monopolize all the talent of the country. — Art-Journal) (1869)

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