According to Frederic G. Kitton in Dickens and His Illustrators (1899), A. B. Frost was one of a group of nine (generally British) illustrators commissioned by Chapman and Hall to provide "entirely fresh" (p. 221) plates for the Household Edition between 1871 and 1879. Frost, however, was apparently an American; to him fell the Harper & Bros. commission for all illustrations for "Sketches by Boz" in their Household Edition. Moreover, Frost supplied twelve illustrations for the Ward, Lock, & Co. "Pickwick" issued simultaneously (perhaps for the sake of copyright) in London and New York. In the December 1897 issue, "Scribner's Magazine" reproduced one of the best in that series, "The Slide," illustrating the scene in Ch. 13 of that still vastly popular novel. — Philip V. Allingham



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