Biographical Materials

Cruikshank's self-portrait

Literary Relations

Dickens's Sketches by Boz (November 1837 through June 1839)

  • Half-title Vignette
  • "Our Parish"

  • The Election for Beadle Frontispiece
  • The Parish Engine facing p. 1
  • The Broker's Man facing p. 18
  • Our Next-Door Neighbour facing p. 30
  • "Scenes"

  • The Streets, Morning facing p. 36
  • Scotland Yard facing p. 47
  • Seven Dials facing p. 51
  • Monmouth Street facing p. 54
  • Hackney Coach Stands facing p. 60
  • London Recreations — The 'Tea-Gardens' facing p. 67
  • Greenwich Fair facing p. 86
  • Private Theatres facing p. 88
  • Vauxhall Gardens by Day facing p. 93
  • Early Coaches facing p. 97
  • The Last Cab-Driver facing p. 104
  • Public Dinners facing p. 120
  • The First of May facing p. 125
  • The Gin-Shop facing p. 134
  • The Pawnbroker's Shop facing p. 138
  • "Characters"

  • Thoughts about People [The Poor Clerk] facing p. 159
  • Jemima Evans facing p. 170
  • A Pickpocket in Custody facing p. 19
  • Mr. John Dounce facing p. 181
  • The Dancing Academy facing p. 190
  • Making a Night of it facing p. 198
  • "Tales"

  • The Boarding-House facing p. 205
  • The Boarding-House. — II facing p. 233
  • Mr. Minns and his Cousin facing p. 234
  • Sentiment [Theodosius Introduced to the New Pupil] facing p. 242
  • The Tuggses at Ramsgate facing p. 251
  • Horatio Sparkins facing p. 267
  • Steam Excursion. — I facing p. 288
  • Steam Excursion — II facing p. 303
  • The Winglebury Duel [Under Restraint] facing p. 305
  • Mrs. Joseph Porter [Mr. Sempronius Gattleton as Othello] facing p. 319
  • Watkins Tottle [The Courtship of Mr. Parsons] facing p. 326
  • The Lock-up house facing p. 340
  • Mr. Watkins Tottle and Miss Lillerton facing p. 346
  • Bloomsbury Christening facing p. 355
  • The Wrapper for "Sketches by Boz" serialised
  • The Free-and-Easy" for "The Streets — Night" (cancelled in the 1839 edition)
  • The Chapman & Hall Title-page for "Sketches by Boz" (1839).
  • Charles Dickens's Oliver Twist (1838)

    William Harrison Ainsworth's Jack Sheppard (1839)

    Volume One

    Volume Two

    Volume Three

    William Harrison Ainsworth's Rookwood. A Romance (1836)

    "Memoirs of Grimaldi"

    George Cruikshank's Fairy Library (1865)

    Hop-O'-My-Thumb (1853)

    Jack and the Bean-stalk (1854)

    Cinderella and The Glass Slipper (1854)

    Puss in Boots (1864)

    ​George Cruikshank's The Bottle (1847)

    ​George Cruikshank's The Drunkard's Children (1848)

    Other Works


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