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The Environment

Sewage Disposal and the Pollution of the Thames

Air Pollution

Industrial pollution and environmental dangers in the workplace

Suggested readings about the environment in Victorian literature

Perhaps the most obvious works concerning the Victorian environment and its degradation are John Ruskin’s “The Storm Cloud of the Nineteenth Century” and Gerard Manley Hopkins's “Binsey Poplars.” Charles Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend and Ruskin’s “The King of the Golden River” also have important things to say on this topic.

Suggested readings about Victorian air pollution

On the discussion list Victoria Stephen Basdeo suggested the following articles and books about air pollution.

Brimblecombe, Peter. ‘Late Victorian Air Pollution’ in Smoke and Mirrors: the Politics and Culture of Air Pollution. Ed. E. Melanie DuPuis. New York: New York University Press, 2004.

Lewis, Jim. Water and Waste: Four Hundred Years of Health Improvements in the Lea Valley. London: Middlesex University Press, 2009.

Luckin, Bill. ‘Revisiting the Idea of Degeneration in Urban Britain, 1830-1900’. Urban History 33: 2 (2006): 234-52.

Luckin, Bill. 'The heart and home of horror': The great London fogs of the late nineteenth century.' Social History 28: 1 (2003): 31-48.

Mosley, Stephen. The Chimney of the World: A History of Smoke Pollution in Victorian and Edwardian Manchester. London: Routledge, 2001.

Stephen Mosley, 'A Disaster in Slow Motion: The Smoke Menace in Urban Industrial Britain' in Learning and Calamities: Practices, Interpretations, Patterns. Ed. Heike Egner, Marén Schorch, Martin Voss (2014).

Stephen Mosley, ‘Fresh Air and Foul: The Role of the Open Fireplace in Ventilating the British Home, 1837-1910' Planning Perspectives 18: 1 (2003): 1-21.

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