Plate 1. Ornaments from Rouen, St. Lô, and Venice

Plate 2. Part of the Cathedral St. Lô, Normandy

Plate 3. Traceries from Caen, Bayeux, Rouen, and Beauvais

Plate 4. Intersectional Mouldings

Plate 5. Capital from the Lower Arcade of the Doge's Palace, Venice

Plate 6. Arch from the Façade of the Church of San Michele, Lucca

Plate 7. Pierced Ornaments from from Lisieux, Bayeux, Verona, and Padua

Plate 8. Window from the Ca' Foscari, Venice

Plate 9. Tracery from the Campanile of Giotto, Florence

Plate 10. Traceries and Mouldings from Rouen and Salisbury

Plate 11. Window in the Campo St. Benedetto, Venice

Plate 12. Fragments from Abbeville, Lucca, Venice and Pisa

Plate 13. Portions of an Arcade on the South Side of the Cathedral of Ferrara

Plate 14. Sculptures from the Bas-reliefs of the North door of the Cathedral of Rouen

Last modified 8 August 2016