The followinglist details the subjects of the various subjects

Plate 1. Ornaments from Rouen, St. Lô, and Venice

  1. Niche from the central gate of Rouen (pp. 52, 123)
  2. (a) Flower work from the transepts of Rouen (pp. 133, 173)
  3. (b) Flower work from the South door of (p. 133)
  4. (c) Flower work from Caudebec (p. 133)
  5. Ball with Flower work from the architrave of the central gate of St. Mark's, Venice (p. 121)
  6. Finial of the pediment gven in Plate II, from the Cathedral of St. Lô beside it, a natural group of thistle-leaves. (p. 122)

Plate 2. Part of the Cathedral St. Lô, Normandy

Plate 3. Traceries from Caen, Bayeux, Rouen, and Beauvais

Plate 4. Intersectional Mouldings

  1. Junction of the mouldings of the Gable and Vertical, in the window of the Spire of Salisbury (p. 94)
  2. From a flying buttress in the apse of St. Gervais at Falaise (p. 97)
  3. Half of the head of a door in the Stasthaus of Suresee (p. 97)
  4. Example of Dovetailing, from the Lintel of the lateral door of the Cathedral of Prato (p. 70)
  5. Detail of Fig. 4 (p. 7l)
  6. Example of dexterity in the filling of sections, from the west gate of Rouen (p. 95)
  7. Another example, from the same (p. 96)
  8. Junction of the circles of the Window of the Palazzo Foscari, Venice (see Plate VIII.), (pp. 94, l66)

Plate 5. Capital from the Lower Arcade of the Doge's Palace, Venice

Plate 6. Arch from the Façade of the Church of San Michele, Lucca

Plate 7. Pierced Ornaments from from Lisieux, Bayeux, Verona, and Padua

  1. Shafts and Spandrel from the South-West Door of the Cathedral of Lisieux (pp. 93, 125 n., 128)
  2. Modern photograph of Figure 1
  3. Qiadrant of the Star Window of the Chapel of San Pietro Martire, adjoining Sta. Anastasia, Verona (p. 129)
  4. Trefoiled Shield from the Church of the Eeremetani, Padua (pp. 88, 129)
  5. Foam Bubbles" from a Spandrel at Bayeux (p. 129)
  6. Modern photograph of Figure 4
  7. Ornament from the Transcept Towers of Rouen (p. 129)

Plate 8. Window from the Ca' Foscari, Venice

Plate 9. Tracery from the Campanile of Giotto, Florence

Plate 10. Traceries and Mouldings from Rouen and Salisbury

  1. Panel decoration of buttresses of North door of the Cathedral of Rouen (p. 165)
  2. Mouldings of the quatrefoil above fig 1 (p. 166)
  3. Section explaining fig 1. (p. 165)
  4. Detail of moulding in fig 1. (p. 165)
  5. Dog-tooth moulding from Salisbury cathedral (p. 172)

Plate 11. Window in the Campo St. Benedetto, Venice

Plate 12. Fragments from Abbeville, Lucca, Venice and Pisa

  1. Pillar and spandrel from a panel decoration under the pulpit of St. Mark's, Venice (p. 199)
  2. Patterns on the columns of San Michele, Lucca (p. 183)
  3. Window in the towers of Abbeville (p. 211)
  4. Arch Mouldings on the pulpit of St. Andrea at Pistoja, by Niccolò Pisano (p. 200)
  5. An example of vertical proportion from the flower stem of the Alisma Plantago (p. 168)
  6. Section of joint in the same (p. 169)
  7. Square Panelling from the arches of the Cathedral of Pisa (pp. 111, 145)
  8. Pattern of the arabesque on the blacony shown in Plate XI (p. 175)

Plate 13. Portions of an Arcade on the South Side of the Cathedral of Ferrara

  1. Two pairs of columns from an Arcade on the South Side of the Cathedral of Ferrara (pp. l7l, 212)
  2. An arch of the same (p. 212)
  3. Column, in “Rack” pattern from the same (p. 213)
  4. A small capital from Coutance (p. 122)

Plate 14. Sculptures from the Bas-reliefs of the North door of the Cathedral of Rouen

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