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1819 Birth of John Ruskin and Walt Whitman.
1834 Birth of William Morris.
1845 Birth of Walter Crane.
1848 Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood founded.
1851 Birth of A. H. Mackmurdo. Great Exhibition.
1856 Birth of Oscar Wilde.
1857 Birth of C. F. A. Voysey and W. R. Lethaby.
1859 Philip Webb builds 'The Red House' for William Morris.
1861 Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. founded.
1863 Birth of C. R. Ashbee.
1864Birth of Ernest Gimson.
1871-78 John Ruskin publishes Fors Clavigera.
1875 Liberty & Co. founded. Bedford Park commenced.
1882 Oscar Wilde lectures in America. Century Guild founded.
1884Art Workers' Guild founded.
1885Home Art and Industries Association founded.
1888Arts and Crafts Society. Guild and School of Handicrafts, National Association for the Advancement of Art and its Application to Industry founded. Century Guild disbanded.
1890 Kenton & Company founded.
1891 Kenton & Company exhibition at Barnard's Inn.
1892Kenton & Company disbanded. Walt Whitman dies.
1894 Harold Rathbone establishes Della Robbia pottery at Birkenhead .
1895 Samuel Bing opens shop 'L'Art Nouveau' in Paris.
1896 William Morris dies. Central School of Arts and Crafts founded. C. R. Mackintosh designs Glasgow School of Art.
1900 Death of John Ruskin and Oscar Wilde. Paris Universal Exhibition.
1901Ernest Gimson establishes furniture workshops at Cirencester.
1902Guild and School of Flandicrafts moves to Chipping Campden.
1906'Sweated Labour Exhibition.' Della Robbia pottery at Birkenhead closes.
1907 Society of Tempera Painters Exhibition.
1909Handicrafts Guild and School of breaks up.
1915 Death of Walter Crane. Design and Industry Association founded.
1919Death of Ernest Gimson. Foundation of the Bauhaus.
1931 Death of W. R. Lethaby.
1936Sir Nikolaus Pevsner publishes Pioneers of Modern Design.
1939Morris & Co. closes.
1941Death of C. F. A. Voysey.
1941Death of C. R. Ashbee and A. H. Mackmurdo.

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