Pomeroy's Pottery


Frederick William Pomeroy

Installed 1907


An upstream pier of Vauxhall Bridge, London SWI — the closest statue to the Vauxhall side.

This is one of Pomeroy's four colossal (around twice life-size) statues on the upstream side of Vauxhall Bridge, each weighing about two tons. The bridge itself had been designed by the civil engineers Sir Alexander Binnie and Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice, and was built from 1895-1906. Even now, it is still "the only one of London's Thames bridges to be decorated with sculpture" (Matthews 83). Pomeroy's other three statues are Agriculture, Architecture and Engineering. On the downstream side are four statues of similar dimensions” by Alfred Drury. [Commentary continues below.]

Photographs, captions, and commentary by Jacqueline Banerjee, 2013.

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