The Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies — announcement of its founding and call for papers in its journal. [description and call for papers]

25-28 October 2022) VII International Conference on Myth Criticism: “Myth: Theories of a Controversial Concept” at Universidad Complutense, Madrid [description and call for papers)

(25-29 July 2022) The Twenty-Fifth International Thomas Hardy Conference and Festival [description and call for papers)

(2-4 June 2022) Faults and Fault Lines: Conference of SVEVE (The French Society for Victorian and Edwardian Studies)[description and call for papers)

(May 19-21 2022) British Women Writers Conference at Baylor University [description and call for papers)

(6-8 May 2022) Sonorities and Sensing: Aestheticism, Sensation, and the Art of Sensing. Midwest Victorian Studies Association Conference call for papers.

(8-10 April 2022) Recovery (at the Northeast Victorian Studies Association [description and call for papers]

(6-8 April 2022) London Stage and the Nineteenth-Century World IV [description and call for papers]

(16-19 March 2022) Radicalism and Reform (at the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association conference) [description and call for papers]

(16-19 March 2022) Nineteenth-Century Theatre & Early Film (at the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association conference) [description and call for papers]

(6-7 September 2022) The Past as Nightmare — An interdisciplinary conference at the University of Reading (UK) [description and call for papers]

(24-27 March 2022) Nineteenth-Century Strata (Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Conference), Salt Lake City, Utah. [description and call for papers]

(19-20 February 2022) Call for Papers on Communities for an Online Conference organized by the Historical Fictions Research Network [description and call for papers]

(27-28 January 2022) Victorian and Edwardian Interiors‚ Conference at Université Toulouse Jean-Jaurès, France, [description and call for papers]

(10 December 2021) Doyle and Storytelling — Free Online via Teams, hosted by Birkbeck College, University of London [Description and directions for free access to online conference]

(15 November 2021) Music and the Senses, a special issue of Nineteenth-Century Contexts: An Interdisciplinary Journal [Call for papers]

(Abstracts 31 August 2021; completed essays 15 March 2022) The Palgrave Handbook of Neo-Victorian Literature and Other Media. [description and call for papers]

(31 August 2021) Call for Papers for the Victorian Review: Victorian Scandals. [description and call for papers]

(31 August 2021) Dickens: Heirs and Heirlooms — 13 Presentations. Sponsored by the Dickens Society [Titles of presentations]

(14-16 July 2021) Victorian Popular Fiction Association (VPFA) Conference [Schedule of 34 panels and three keynotes]

(14 July 2021) Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom. [description and invitation]

(12-14 July 2021) The 26th Dickens Society Symposium (12-14 July 2021). The titles of 80 presentations ]

(23–24 June 2021) Opium Wars – Opium Cultures [List of presentations]

(11-17 June) Periodical Formats in the Market: Economies of Space & Time, Competition & Transfer. [Description and invitation]

(21 May 2021) Middlemarch 150th Anniversary Symposium [List of presentations]

(29-30 January 2021) Popular forms and practices of reading and writing in the Victorian and Edwardian periods. SFEVE (Société Française d’Etudes Victoriennes et Edouardiennes). Université Paris-Est Créteil. [description and call for papers]

(15-17 October 2020) Victorian Transitions — Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association for the Western United States. [description and call for papers]

(25–27 June 2020) Edinburgh Conan Doyle Network Conference: Conan Doyle in Edinburgh [description and call for papers]

(9 June 2020) #Dickens 150, a Virtual Transatlantic Global Gathering [description and call for papers]

20 April 2020. “Africa, Diaspora, and the British Empire: Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom” —A Virtual Roundtable. Sponsored by the Institute for Humanities Research (IHR) at Arizona State University. [description of the roundtable]

(19 October 2019) Dickens and Bodies — a One-Day Conference at the Senate House, University of London: [description and call for papers]

(8-9 June 2019) Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley, and the Fin de Siècle. [description and call for papers]

(29-30 May 2019) Science and Spiritualism, 1750-1930. Leeds Trinity University. [description and call for papers]

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