The Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies — announcement of its founding and call for papers in its journal. [description and call for papers]

(15-17 July October 2022) Gladstone Umbrella conference. [description and call for papers]

(20 May 2022) Four Nations and Beyond: Periodical Studies and National Identities in the British Isles and Ireland [description and call for papers]

(24th April 2022) 'Radical Thinking in the Long Nineteenth Century' [description and call for papers]

(8-10 April 2022) Recovery (at the Northeast Victorian Studies Association [description and call for papers]

(6-8 April 2022) Transnationality in the Nineteenth-Century: Decolonising Networks of Exchange, Circulation and Exhibition.

(16-19 March 2022) Radicalism and Reform (at the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association conference) [description and call for papers]

(6-7 September 2022) The Past as Nightmare — An interdisciplinary conference at the University of Reading (UK) [description and call for papers]

(24-27 March 2022) Nineteenth-Century Strata (Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Conference), Salt Lake City, Utah. [description and call for papers]

(19-20 February 2022) Call for Papers on Communities for an Online Conference organized by the Historical Fictions Research Network [description and call for papers]

(7-8 October 2022) Victorian Apocalypse, Clarke Library, UCLA (directions for registering)

(31 August 2021) Call for Papers for the Victorian Review: Victorian Scandals. [description and call for papers]

(14 July 2021) Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom. [description and invitation]

(23–24 June 2021) Opium Wars – Opium Cultures [List of presentations]

(15-17 October 2020) Victorian Transitions — Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association for the Western United States. [description and call for papers]

20 April 2020. “Africa, Diaspora, and the British Empire: Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom” —A Virtual Roundtable. Sponsored by the Institute for Humanities Research (IHR) at Arizona State University. [description of the roundtable]

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