Chapter One: The Man of Business

(In which an assessment of Thackeray's views on Writing and Business is attempted)

Chapter Two: The Literary Tradesman

(In which is traced Thackeray's descent from literary dilettante to literary hack and his ascent to literary tradesman)

Chapter Three: The Writer as a Literary Property

(In which the tradesman extends his market and his wares)

Chapter Four: Working the Copyrights

(In which old wine is put into new wineskins)

Chapter Five: Book Production

(In which the curtain rises upon the accountants and back shop)

Chapter Six: The Artist and the Marketplace

(In which is debated whether the artist rules the market or the market rules the artist)

Chapter Seven: An Epilogue on Prefaces

(In which the speaker of, and the audiences for, the preface and the work are distinguished)

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