Of all species of authorship, faithful and satisfactory biography is the most difficult. The impossibility of being perfectly certain of facts is the first stumbling block; the risk of drawing right conclusions from those you are fortunate enough to obtain is the next; and the delicacy required for steering by the lamp of truth, without flattery or offence, consummates the obstacles to authentic personal history.

— William Jerdan, Autobiography 4.303





Part I The Early Years: 1782-1817

Chapter 1: From the River Tweed to the River Thames

Chapter 2: Embarking on Journalism

Chapter 3: Editor of the Sun etc.

Chapter 4: Turbulent Times

Part II The Literary Gazette — The First decade: 1817-1827

Chapter 5: The Literary Gazette - an ideal occupation

Chapter 6: Love and Literature

Chapter 7: Out in front - problem poetics

Chapter 8: Social Climbing

Chapter 9: Financial ‘Panic’ - Personal Attacks

Part III The Editor’s Life: 1828-1840

Chapter 10: Athenaeum Competition and Challenging Projects

Chapter 11: Wing-spreading Editor

Chapter 12: The Literary Gazette teeters

Chapter 13: Financial Ruin

Chapter 14: Notoriety and a new family

Chapter 15: Miscellany, Conflict and Loss

Chapter 16: Encouraging Authors – Creating Fiction

Part IV Times of Change: 1841-1851

Chapter 17: Sole Possession - Serious Pursuits

Chapter 18: Struggle for Financial Survival

Chapter 19: Leading to Bankruptcy

Chapter 20: Losing the Literary Gazette

Part V Life after the Gazette: 1851-1869

Chapter 21: William Jerdan’s Autobiography

Chapter 22: Widened Horizons

Chapter 23: Poverty in Old Age

Chapter 24: Biographies - Concerning Madness

Chapter 25: Men I Have Known

Chapter 26: Characteristic Letters

Part VI Remembrances

Chapter 27: Death, obituaries, posthumous publication

Chapter 28: Epilogue

Appendix : Jerdan’s Descendants


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