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Fifty-four Illustrations for The Old Curiosity Shop (1872)

  1. Possessing herself of the key, she rejoined the old man in safety XII frontispiece [Page 46]
  2. Title-Page Vignette: Nell in the Arms of her Grandfather, with the Shadow of Quilp [Title-page]
  3. Headpiece for Chapter One: Setting out from London. XII: 7
  4. "I turned hastily round, and found at my elbows a pretty little girl, who begged to be directed to a certain street." I: 9
  5. At the Curiosity Shop: "Then she ran to the old man, who folded her in his arms and bade God bless her." I: 12
  6. "The watch-word to the old min is — fork." III: 17
  7. The old woman looked angrily at him, but retreated as he advanced V: 22
  8. On Quilp's Wharf: "Now, my boys, fight away. I'll fight you both." VI 26
  9. "Whether he lives or dies, what does it come to?" VII: 30
  10. "Did you speak to me, sir?" VIII: 34
  11. "See, Quilp, good, tender-hearted Quilp." IX: 38
  12. Listening to those repetitions of her name XI: 42
  13. The old gentleman got out, and helped out the old lady. XIV: 51
  14. Punch-and-Judy in the Cemetery: Nelly was soon engaged in her task. XVI: 57
  15. At The Jolly Sandboys: "Remember that we're partners in everything." XVIII 83
  16. The Nubbles: "They may not come back, for all that." XX: 68
  17. "Miss Sophie Wackles that is — Mrs. Richard Swiveller that is to be." XXII: 73
  18. The dwarf had eyes and ears. XXIII: 78
  19. The school-master stopped, and took off his spectacles XXIV: 81
  20. "That's me. I am Mrs. Jarley." XXVII 88
  21. Dispensing handbills to the sound of drum and trumpet XXIX: 94
  22. Counting the money XXXI: 99
  23. "What do you taunt me about going to keep a clerk for?" XXXIII: 106
  24. "Take down the bill." XXXIV: 110
  25. "You must pay for a double-bedded room." XXXV: 113
  26. "Here's a sovereign apiece." XXXVII 119
  27. "Christopher, here's your money." XXXIX: 124
  28. "I have found your old master and young mistress." XL: 128
  29. "What shall I do to save him?" XLII 134
  30. A black figure came suddenly out of the dark recess. XLIII: 139
  31. The child uttered a wild shriek, and fell senseless at his feet. XLV: 142
  32. "I must have died, and he would have been left alone." XLVI: 145
  33. "Now, sir, what do you want?" XLVII: 149
  34. Thrusting his head in at the window with a dismal squint. XLVIII 153
  35. "Aqualine, you hag. Do you see it? Do you call this flat?" XLIX: 155
  36. "Do they use you ill here? Is your mistress a tartar?" LI: 160
  37. When they had finished their meal — discussed their future plans. LII: 164
  38. "That's the sexton's spade." LIII: 167
  39. He showed her how the warrior had worn those rotting scraps of armor LIV: 170
  40. "You'll find he'll turn out bad." LVI: 180
  41. "Clear that off, and then you'll see what's next." LVII: 180
  42. "Why, then, it's done." LIX: 185
  43. "This must be some falsehood!" LX: 189
  44. He sat down on the ground, and ate as hard as he could LXI: 192
  45. "This old man and grandchild should be as poor as frozen rats." LXII: 195
  46. Getting tea ready LXIV: 200
  47. He suffered his companion to take his hand, and to lead him up the dark and narrow stairs LXV: 204
  48. Sarah paced the room LXVI:  210
  49. The relentless water bore him down. LXVII: 214
  50. The pony kicked up his heels and shook his head LXVIII: 216
  51. All transferred to this slight creature LXIX: 220
  52. Still the same terrible low cry LXX: 224
  53. She turned to the old man with a lovely smile upon her face. LXXII: 227
  54. Upon every anniversary Mr. Chuckster came to dinner Chapter the Last: 232

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