Spoiling It

The New Gallery

Harry Furniss


Wood engraving

Punch (19 May 1888)

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  • A coiled object, which might be the serpent from Burne-Jones Perseus and Andromeda, appears at the upper right above a bust of Mr. Punch crowned with a laurel wreath. The three below are probably the staff of Punch while Burne-Jones nudes lean against each of the pillars. At lower left two men standing in the fountain support the young spirit of the New Gallery for “the First Plunge.” A row of women, some wearing Dutch bonnets, look from the balcony at the party below. The accompanying doggerel names Tadema, Kerkomer, Ford, and Burne-Jones. Are the two lovers in the bottom middle Paolo and Francesca from Rossetti, and who is the forground or the heavily-bearded sculptor in the very front?