Battersea Bridge. Norman Garstin (1847–1926). Not dated, but see below. Oil on wood. H 12.5 x W 14.5 cm. Photo credit: York Museums Trust; accession no. YORAG: 1364; gift from the Contemporary Art Society, 1980. According to Art UK, "believed to be in the public domain." This is one of Garstin's "impressionistic oil paintings" (Baskervyle-Glegg), and one of several small pictures that he painted in London later in his career, between 1915 and 1921, according to Richard Prycke, "probably in the early winter of 1920." Pryke adds, "One of the finest of these, Battersea Bridge ... is, once again, reminiscent of Whistler, with interesting contrasts between the cloud grays and the yellowish orange of the sky at sunset" (160). — Jacqueline Banerjee


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31 March 2021