[In the following mock-advertisement Punch charges that the destruction of the British empire was actually the primary, hidden goal of the committee formed to agitate for the criminal prosecution of the former Governor Eyre and his underlings. The text below comes from the Hathi Digital Library Trust version of a copy of Punch in the University of Michigan Library — George P. Landow]


The Jamaica Committee respectfully announces that in order to carry out, if possible, the views of its members, and to divest Great Britain of the encumbrances called Colonies no better plan can be suggested than the prosecution of such of her Majesty’s officers as may be selected for colonial Governments, and who may be occasion to save the colonies in their charge. When such treatment shall have rendered it impossible to obtain high-class officials for the Dependencies, the latter will be disgusted into severing a tie which, for patriotic reasons only, the Committee desires should be broken. As such prosecutions are expensive, subscriptions are solicited.

Other Punch interventions in the Eyre Affair

Last modified 29 November 2015