I am grateful to John Sloan for permission to use the photographs that appear on the Xenophongi web site and which graciously he has agreed to share with the Victorian Web. Copyright, of course, remains with him. Added by Marjie Bloy, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore.

This photograph was taken approximately in the centre along the Causeway height looking toward the west end of the Feodokine hills. The Russians were on both sides of the north valley here. The Light Brigade formed at the end of the arrow and charged from left to right approximately where the green vegetation now shows between the strips of light coloured ploughed ground.

Here is a view of Canrobert's hill and the Sapun Gor and Causeway heights from further east — the direction from which the initial Russian advance came.

Here we have moved to a location behind the Russian artillery line, which was approximately where the tree line is now. We view toward Sapun Gor ridge. The Causeway height is on the left. The Light Brigade charged from the far end of this valley straight toward us and passed through the Russian artillery line.

Last modified 29 April 2002