Highgate Cemetery, or "The Cemetery of St James at Highgate," is divided into two main sections, not between Anglican and Dissenters, but between the older and newer sections on either side of Swain's Lane. Both were designed initially by the architect Stephen Geary (1797-1854). On one side of the steep hill is the Western Cemetery with neo-Gothic chapels, one each for Anglicans and Dissenters, with a Tudor arch in between and, inside, the Egyptian Avenue leading to the Circle of Lebanon, dramatic Egyptian-style catacombs cut into the hillside terrace around a grand old cedar tree. Geary himself is buried on this side. On the other side is the more naturally landscaped woodland area of the Eastern Cemetery, a large extension opened in 1855. Geary was supported by another architect, James Bunstone Bunning (1802-1863), who may have been responsible for the catacombs (though the "New Catacombs" were added only in the later 70s). Bunning is also buried in the Western Cemetery. The landscape gardener was David Ramsay. — Jacqueline Banerjee.

The Cemetery

The Eastern Cemetery: Views and individual monuments

The Western Cemetery Views and individual monuments



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