Brief Biographical Details

George Pinwell has born in Wycombe, London, on 26 December 1842. Pinwell's background was working class: his father was a builder, and the artist's first employment was as a designer producing templates for a firm of embroiderers. However, he quickly established himself in the field of graphic art. By the mid 1860s he was working for a variety of periodicals — notably Good Words and Once a Week — and also produced distinguished work for children, and for a series of illustrated gift books. He built a highly effective relationship with the Dalziels, producing his most popular work, Dalziels' Illustrated Goldsmith, in 1865. Pinwell was regarded by contemporaries as one of the outstanding illustrators of his time, but his potential was never entirely realized. Burdened by an unspecified depressive illness, he died prematurely at the age of thirty three.





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