Harry Furniss's eighteen-volume edition of The Charles Dickens Library (London: Educational Book Company, 1910) contains some 500 special plates (part of the total of 1200 illustrations) and two volumes of commentary. Volume 17, by J. A. Hammerton, is entitled The Dickens Picture Book: A Record of the Dickens Illustrators. The sixth volume, entitled Barnaby Rudge and Master Humphrey's Clock, represents Dickens's fourth complete novel, run serially in his own weekly periodical Master Humphrey's Clock (4 April 1840 through 4 December 1841). Furniss illustrated a few of the uncollected pieces separately as Master Humphrey's Clock; those six illustrations are included below for volume 6 of the Charles Dickens Library Edition (1910).

The final volume of the 1910 Charles Dickens Library Edition is The Dickens Companion: A Book of Anecdote and Reference. For all thirty-two illustrations in Volume VI, Barnaby Rudge, the series editor, J. A. Hammerton, has included both succinct captions and extended quotations to demonstrate the textual moment realised in each; moreover, each quotation refers to a specific page number, thereby enabling the reader to find the passage illustrated. Although each page is 12.2 by 18.4 cm (4.75 by 7.25 inches) and the caption below each in upper-case, and below that occurs a multi-line quotation in upper and lower case, each plate is effectively 14.3 cm by 9.2 cm (5.5 inches by 3.25 inches), the vertically-mounted illustrations usually being framed, and the horizontally-mounted illustrations being vignetted. Of the five chief nineteenth-century illustrated editions  that preceded Furniss's 28-illustration volume in 1912, only two had long programs exclusively produced by a single artist: Sol Eytinge, Jr. (1867), and Fred Barnard (1876); however, between his Scenes and Characters from Dickens (1888) and frontispieces for the three-volume edition of 1861 Felix Octavius Carr Darley produced six full-page illustrations.

Illustration Chapter illustrated Facing Page
1. Barnaby and Grip the Raven I Frontispiece
2. The Characters in the Story - Engraved Title-page
3. Strangers at the Maypole Inn I facing p. 8
4. Barnaby finds Edward IV facing p. 33
5. The Temptation of Sim Tappertit IV facing p. 39
6. Tappertit presiding over the 'Prentice KnightsVIII facing p. 64
7. Dolly Varden X facing p. 80
8. Mr. Harefield dismisses EdwardXII facing p. 97
9. Barnaby and his MotherXVII facing p. 128
10. Dolly is the Bearer of a Love LetterXX facing p. 152
11. Hugh frightens Dolly VardenXXI facing p. 161
12. Hugh and his PatronXXV facing p. 192
13. Miss HardedaleXXIX facing p. 225
14. The Girl Joe left behind himXXXI facing p. 256
15. Lord George Gordon leaving the MaypoleXXXVII facing p. 289
16. Meeting of the Protestant AssociationXXXIX facing p. 304
17. The Dressing of Varden in his RegimentalsXLI facing p. 320
18. Grip performing for "A fine old Country Gentleman"XLVII facing p. 361
19. Gashford's Advice to HughLII facing p. 400
20. After the Raid on the Maypole BarLV facing p. 417
21. Barnaby in PrisonLVIII facing p. 448
22. Emma and Dolly PrisonersLIX facing p. 465
23. The Last Night of the Great RiotsLXVIII facing p. 530
24. Emma and Dolly rescuedLXXI facing p. 560
25. Lord George Gordon in the TowerLXXIII facing p. 577
26. Dennis and Hugh condemnedLXVI facing p. 600
27. Joe WilletLXXVIII facing p. 608
28. "Oh, yes! Why not?" LXXIX facing p. 616

Illustrations for Uncollected Pieces from Master Humphrey's Clock

Illustration Chapter illustrated Facing Page
1. Master Humphrey's Clock Chapter I, "Master Humphrey from His Clock-side in the Chimney-Corner" facing title-page
2. The Characters in the Story - facing frontispiece
3. The Penitent's Return "First Night of the Giant Chronicles" facing p. 21
4. The Murderer has his Victim in his Net "The Clock-Case" facing p. 39
5. Mr. Pickwick examines the Clock "Mr. Pickwick's Tale" facing p. 50
6. The Blighted Hairdresser"Mr. Weller's Watch" facing p. 90

Related Material, Including Other Illustrated Editions of the Novel

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