Arthur Herbert Buckland (1870-1927) was a painter of Romantic landscapes and portraits, as well as a commercial illustrator. Born in Taunton, Somerset, he studied at both London's Royal College of Art and Paris's  Académie Julian. As an illustrator for such firms as Collins Clear-type Press he specialized in young adult and juvenile fiction, but did provide editions of at least two classic titles: Dickens's Barnaby Rudge (Collins Clear-type Press, 1900) and George Eliot's Scenes from Clerical Life (Collins Clear-type Press, 1900). Among his juvenile fiction commissions were Elizabeth Prentiss's Little Susy Stories (1906), Lewis Ramsden's The Quest of Luck (1904), and Edward Verrall Lucas's Anne's Terrible Good Nature, and Other Stories for Children (1908).

Barnaby Rudge (1900)

  1. Frontispiece, "Barnaby was making  puzzles with a skein of string" (ch. 6, p. 56)
  2. Dickens and seven scenes from various novels in the Engraved Title-Page
  3. "I'm his 'prentice, sir." (ch. 25, facing p. 161)
  4. "Miss Miggs received her with a hysterical gasp" (ch. 42, facing p. 192)
  5. "You didn't see a — a coffin anywheres?" (ch. 56, facing p. 417)
  6. They crossed swords and attacked each other (ch. 81, facing p. 448)

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