Albert Toft came from a family of Staffordshire artists in pottery and silverwork. He was apprenticed as a modeller at Wedgwood's, then after evening classes locally went on to the Royal College of Art in London where he studied under Lanteri. His earliest works exhibited at the Royal Academy were mainly portrait busts, such as George Wallis (London, Victoria and Albert Museum, R.A. I890)

He also began to develop ideal works, some in bust form -- In the sere and yellow leaf (R.A. 1892 and 1893) -- others in the form of figure statues such as Fate-led: Fate leading, she must needs go on and on of 1890 and 1892, a full-length nude now in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. In fact, Toft produced a series of statues of naked ladies with fancy titles, as did ; other Toft examples include Spring (Birmingham City Art Gallery, R.A. 1897) and The Spirit of Gontemplation (Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, R.A. I90l and I903). Spielmann wrote that this '. . . is the most complete of all Mr Toft's works. Life-size, it is a beautiful representation of the female form, original, almost daring, in its simple arrangement, decorative with praiseworthy self-restraint, dignified and refined.' Toft was also responsible for South African War memorials in Cardiff and Birmingham. ‐ Read, Victorian Sculpture, 352.


War Memorials

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