The Rt. Hon. Jesse Collings, M.P.

Albert Toft (1862-1949)



Source: the October 1915 Studio, 23

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“Mr. Toft's sympathy and close study of nature have developed in him great ability in portrait-sculpture. The robust and finely modelled Sir George Frampton (Royal Academy, 1915) and the excellently characterised bust of the Right Hon. Jesse Collings, (Royal Academy, 1914), appear among the illustrations; and among other interesting sitters may be mentioned Mr. Gladstone (an admirable bust of whom Mr. Toft executed at Hawarden Castle), George Jacob Holyoake, R. B. Cunninghame-Graham, Mrs. Cyril Maude, Sir Henry Irving, David Christie Murray, Sir William Pearce, Prof. Leschetizky, Mark Hambourg, Sir William Treloar, and Sir Charles Mark Palmer” (25-26)