Oliver Cromwell (1861)

Oliver Cromwell

Matthew Noble (c.1817-1876)


Marble, on a square marble pedestal

Sculpture Hall, Manchester Town Hall.

According to Terry Wyke, "Noble produced at least three Cromwell busts" (39). Not just but two of these seem to have gone to the Reform Club in London (see Wyke 39). Cromwell was also a hero to the Liberal Radicals of Manchester at this time, and this version was presented to the Council in 1874 "as part of a campaign to erect a statue of Cromwell in Manchester" (information plaque). As Terry Wyke says, placing the bust here was therefore "more than a simple act of public commemoration" (xi). [Continued below]

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  • Photograph, text, and formatting by Jacqueline Banerjee

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