Broken Vows

Broken Vows

Philip Hermogenes Calderon, A. R. A. (1833-98)


Oil on canvas

91.4 × 67.9 cm (36 × 26.7 in)

Tate Gallery, London (Tate Britain)

Source of image: Wikipedia Commons.

“There was great excitement in those days among the young artists, for a change was coming over the school through the influence of Millais, Holman Hunt, and others of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The love of Nature was ousting the love of conventionalism, and this was shown in the careful delineation of the minutest detail of leaf and flower, rock and stone, and sunlight and sun-shadows. Broken Vows was not only a subject likely to be popular, since it represented a young lady who accidentally discovers her lover to be faithless, but was painted in the new spirit; and without doubt the heart of the painter was in his work, for he not only depicted the ivy leaves, the old wall, and the grey palings with loving care, but it may be supposed that he was still more interested in his fair sitter. The picture was finished, was well received by the Academy and the public, was sold, and was engraved.” — G. A. Storey.