Past lectures

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6.263. Keynote Speaker Undergraduate Literature and Creative Writing Conference, Susquehanna University, Pennsylvania. March 2014.

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6.260. “Moving the Scholarly Book into E-Space: Successes and Failures” University of Bayreuth, Germany. June 2012.

6.259. “Symbolic (but unreadable texts) in Digital and Analogue Cultures” University of Bayreuth, Germany. June 2012.

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6.253. “What's Happened on the Internet since 2000? Web 2.0, Social Media, and what they have taught us.” Public lecture. University of Jyväskylä, Finland. March 2011.

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6.207. "Victorianism as Print Culture, The Victorian Web, and the Wonders of Hypertext." Locating the Victorians, London. July 2001 [presentation].

6.206. "Teaching and Learning with the Web." Full-day tutorial. WWW10, Hong Kong, China. May 2001.

6.205. "Postcoloniality, Information Technologies, and Embracing Hybridity" (Plenary Address). PostColonialisms/ Political Correctnesses. Casablanca, Morocco 12-14 April 2001. [Web presentation]

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6.190 Writing for E-space: or How Does the Digital Paradigm Change the Way One Writes," Institutt for dokumentasjonsvitenskap, University of Tromsø, May 1999. [Opening screen of talk. Follow for photographs of "the northernmost university in the world," which is situated 800 km above the arctic circle, and its magnificent surroundings.]

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6. 188. "What's Right and What's Wrong with Course-Based Websites?" University of Oslo, May 1999. [Opening screen of talk.]

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