[Information provided by Philip V. Allingham, Faculty of Education, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario; table created by GPL.]

PlateDate Title Artist
Plate 1 4 July "There stood her mother, amid the group of children, hanging over the washing tub" Hubert Von Herkomer
Plate 2 18 July "In stagnant blackness they waited through an interval which seemed endless" D. A. Wehrschmidt
Plate 3 25 July "I would rather take it, sir, in my own hand" E. Borough Johnson
Plate 4 1 August "Tess stood still, and turned to look behind her" (unsigned likely Syddall).
Plate 5 8 August "Tess in Dairyman Dick's yard" (unsigned likely Syddall)
Plate 6 15 August "'I don't know about ghosts,' she was saying".
Plate 7 22 August "What makes you draw off in that way, Tess?" E. Borough Johnson
Plate 8 29 August "'This here stooping do fairly make my back open and shut,' exclaimed the dairy man" Hubert Von Herkomer
Plate 9 5 September "He jumped up from his seat, and went quickly towards the desire of his eyes" Joseph Syddall.
Plate 10 12 September "'Is she of a family such as you would care to marry into -- a lady, in short?' asked his startled mother" E. Borough Johnson.
Plate 11 19 September "Tess flung herself upon the undergrowth of rustling spear-grass as upon a bed" E. Borough Johnson.
Plate 12 26 September "Clare came down from the landing above in his shirt-sleeves, and put his arms across the stair-way" D. A. Wehrschmidt
Plate 13 3 October "'You be going to marry him?' asked Marian" Hubert Von Herkomer.
Plate 14a 10 October"'As he passed them he kissed them in succession where they stood, saying 'Good-bye' to each as he did so" [the wedding party on the porch of Crick's house]" D. A. Wehrschmidt
Plate 14b 10 October" She slid down upon her knees beside his foot. . . . . 'In the name of Heaven, forgive me!' she whispered" E. Borough Johnson
Plate 15 17 October "They reached the cloister-garth, where were the graves of monks. Upon one of these graves he carefully laid her down" Hubert Von Herkomer.
Plate 16 24 October "His father and mother were both in the drawing room, but neither of his brothers was now at home. Angel entered, and closed the door quietly behind him" D. A. Wehrschmidt.
Plate 17 31 October"The plantation wherein she had taken shelter. . ." Joseph Syddall.
Plate 18 14 November "The three o'clock sun shone full upon him. . ." E. Borough Johnson.
Plate 19 21 November "He laid his hand on her shoulder, 'Tess, Tess, I was on the way to deliverance till I saw you again,' he said" D. A. Wehrschmidt.
Plate 20 28 November "It was not until about three o'clock that Tess raised her eyes and gave a momentary glance round. She felt but little surprise at seeing that Alec D'Urberville had come back, and was standing under the hedge by the gate" Joseph Syddall.
Plate 21 5 December "On going up to the fire to throw a pitch of dead weeds upon it. . . " Hubert Von Herkomer.
Plate 22 12 December "You be the woman they call Mrs. Durbeyfield, I reckon?' he said to Tess's mother, who had remounted" D. A. Wehrschmidt.
Plate 23 19 December "He lay on his back as if he had scarcely moved"Hubert Von Herkomer.
Plate 24 26 December "Something seemed to move on the verge of the dip eastward . . ." D. A. Wehrschmidt.

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