Perfectly Dweadful

Perfectly Dweadful. Punch. 27 September 1856, page 124.

Guard. "Now, Sir! If you're going on by the Express. Here's just Room for One!"

Tourist. "Wha-t! Get in with hawwid old Women, and Squeeming Children! By Jove! You know! I say! It's Intawible, you know!"

The tourist's pronunciation — what might to us appear a speech impediment — is mocking a particular kind of upper-class pronunciation rather than casting doubt on his heterosexuality. His plaid blanket and tam-o-shanter hat suggests he's heading for Scotland. [Scanned image (from a volume in the Athenæum Club Library) and text by George P. Landow This image may be used without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose.]

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