Registration is now open for the conference Asa Briggs: A Celebration to take place at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, 19 May 2011. The conference is part of IHR@90, a series of events celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Institute. Lord Asa Briggs, one of the UK�s most distinguished living historians, turns ninety this year, and he and his remarkable contribution to academic history, to the development of Victorian studies, the history of communication and his role in the growth of modern universities are considered and assessed in this one-day colloquium co-hosted with the British Association for Victorian Studies. Confirmed participants include Lord Asa Briggs, David Cannadine (Princeton), Francesca Carnevali (University of Birmingham), Malcolm Chase (University of Leeds), Matthew Cragoe (University of Sussex), Martin Hewitt (Manchester Metropolitan University), Frank Bongiorno (Menzies Centre for Australian Studies/King�s College London), Sian Nicholas (Aberystwyth), Jean Seaton (University of Westminster), Robert Seatter (BBC), James Thompson (Bristol), David Vincent (Open University).

Registration and further details are available at:

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