A Lecture

A Lecture



Illustration for Charles Lever's Barrington (Chapter 27)

In this scene, the Abbes of the Convent of Bramaigne, Sister Lydia, reproves the Barringtons for removing Josephine from her institution and thereby denying her a religious vocation. Luckily, the full force of her argument is lost on the elderly couple since only Peter remembers any of French. Dinah, informed by her brother that they are being given "a rare lesson" for their apparent "ignorance, apathy, worldliness, sordid and poor ambitions, and, last of all, a levity unbecoming their time of life" (22), waves her fan in contempt. However, Lever immediately forgets Dinah's lack of fluency in the language of the abbess by having her reply directly to her.

Image scan and text by Philip V. Allingham.