This table has been prepared” by Chris Bell, 4 x grand-nephew of Thomas Milnes, from his own photographs, and formatted” by Jacqueline Banerjee. The photographs may all be seen in larger resolution under the work of both artists. Click on this table to enlarge it. [You may use the image without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose as long as you (1) credit the photographer and (2) link your document to this URL or cite the Victorian Web in a print document.]

Thomas Milnes's stone sculptures, which were originally designed to complement Nelson's Column, are symbolic and therefore highly differentiated in their poses. They couch on their pedestals in a natural way. Landseer's lions, cast in bronze, are almost the same as each other, and all four are rather stiffly posed on their granite plinths. Although Milnes lost the commission, his lions found a home in Titus Salt's model mill village, Saltaire in Yorkshire. In their final versions they are considerably smaller than Landseer's, being eight feet long instead of twenty feet. — JB

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Last modified 4 December 2015