Henry Cooke

Henry Cooke

Samuel Ferris Lynn (1834-1876)




Photograph and text by Philip V. Allingham 2006.

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  • This statue of Dr. Henry Cooke (1788-1868), leader of Belfast's Evangelical Presbyterians, replaced a work” by Patrick McDowell, the so-called "Black Man" statue of the young Marquess of Belfast, which now resides in City Hall

    "Cooke was largely instrumental in weaning the Presbyterians of Ulster away from their old alliance with the Liberals and Catholics against the [Anglican] Establishment, and substituting a new alliance with the Unionist Episcopalians against the Catholics. He is depicted in clerical and academic dress; it was inaugurated on 24 April 1876 by a great demonstration of Orangemen from all parts of Ireland" (Brett, p. 48).