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1800 Edward Bouverie Pusey was born August 22.
1825-7 Studied in Germany to prepare himself as a defender of Orthodoxy against German rationalism.
1827 Returned to England.
Published An Historical Enquiry into the Probable Causes of the Rationalist Character lately predominant in the Theology of Germany.
1828 Ordained Deacon.
Appointed Regius Professor of Hebrew in Oxford and given canonry at Christ Church.
Married "in a rather romantic manner" Maria Catherine. She died of consumption 11 years later. Three of their four children died in Pusey's lifetime.
1833 In response to increasing liberalism, he published papers such as "Remarks on the Perspective and Past Benefits of Cathedral Institutions."
1835 Began to contribute to Newman's Tracts for the Times with his tracts on Scriptural Views of Holy Baptism
1836 Tracts on the Holy Eucharist published. Plan made for Oxford Library of the Fathers, a compilation and translation of the writings of the church fathers by several contributors. Eventually resulted in 48 volumes.
1838 First volume of the Fathers appeared, St. Augustine, prefaced by Pusey.
1839-41 Defends the Tractarians publicly, especially Newman's Tract No. XC.
1841 Newman leaves Oxford. Pusey becomes active as leader of the Oxford Movement.
1843 Preached his controversial sermon, "The Holy Eucharist: a Comfort to the Penitent," which resulted in the suspension of his duties as university preacher.
1845--50 Worked outside the university to establish Anglican sisterhoods, revive the practice of private confession, and encourage the spread of ritualism. Suspected of sympathy with Rome.
1846 Resumed preaching at Oxford.
1850 He asserted that he intented "to die in the bosom of the church of England," when other Tractarians were seceding to the Roman church.
1850--54 Fought against reform in the university, supporting the old tutorial system and continuance of religious training.
1855 Famous sermons on the Nature of Faith in relation to Reason.
1864 Daniel the Prophet published as a reaction against Essays and Reviews.
1865--75 Published Eirenicons2, articles advocating union of the Roman and English churches.
1870--3 Successfully fought to keep Athanasian Creed in the church.
1882 Died and was buried in the cathedral at Oxford

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