1775 born Steventon, Hampshire, the seventh of eight children.

1795 writing "Elinor and Marianne" (which became Sense and Sensibility ).

1796-7 writing "First Impressions" (which became Pride and Prejudice).

1798 writing Susan (which became Northanger Abbey ).

1801 family moves to Bath. Jane and Cassandra meet Rev. Blackall; he dies before he and Jane can become formally engaged.

1803 Susan sold to a publisher, but remains unpublished.

1804 father dies.

1806 family moves to Southampton.

1809 Jane, Cassandra, and their mother move back to Hampshire, to a comfortable cottage provide by their brother Edward.

1811 Sense and Sensibility published.

1811-3 writing Mansfield Park.

1813 Pride and Prejudice published.

1814 Mansfield Park published.

1814-5 writing Emma.

1815-6 writing Persuasion.

1816 Emma published. Henry Austen goes bankrupt; Jane contracts her fatal illness.

1817 dies.

1818 Northanger Abbey and Persuasion published together.

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