Chiefly and now always with capital initial.... The mountainous region of Scotland, situated to the north and west of a notional line drawn from the Firth of Clyde through Crieff to Blairgowrie, then curving to the north-west around the Cairngorms to Nairn; often associated with Gaelic culture and the Scottish Gaelic language. Frequently used loosely for "the Highlands and Islands" ... [OED]

A surface so diversified necessarily exhibits, within very circumscribed limits, varieties of scenery of the most opposite descriptions; enabling the admirer of nature to pass abruptly from dwelling on the loveliness of an extensive marine or champaign landscape into the deep solitude of an ancient forest, or the dark craggy fastnesses of an alpine ravine.... Lakes and long arms of the sea, either fringed with woods or surrounded with rocky, barren, and mossy shores, now studded with islands, and anon extending their silvery arms into distant receding mountains, are met in every district.... No wonder, then, that this "land of mountain and of flood" should have given birth to the song of the bard, and afforded material for the theme of the sage in all ages.... [Anderson 3-4]






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