Air— “My heart is sad, I’ll tell you why,
If you'll listen to my lay.”

Their art is bad, I’ll tell you why—
   If you’ll listen to Miliais,
You’ll be told that you should try
   These simple maxims to obey.
If in landscape you’d surpass,
   Never paint just what you see,
But give each sep’rate blade of grass,
   An individuality.

If you ever have to tint
    A feminine complexion fair.
You may take a useful hint
   From a baby’s wooden pear;
If in any of your scenes
   A glass of water e’er should be,
Mind you don’t by any means
   Forgot the animalcules.

If still life you wish to try,
   A red brick wall he would advise;
Remember, when you paint a fly,
   That he has forty thousand eyes.
If you take a patron’s face,
   (And this you’ll have to do by scores,
If you’ve Mediaeval grace),
   Mind you don’t omit the pores!

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Last modified 19 May 2019