The Dashing Cabby

The Dashing Cabby

Her Majesty having been graciously pleased to make Lord beaconsfield a K.G. [Knight of the Garter], we have much pleasure in making him a K.B. [i.e. cabby].

Cabby [Disraeli]: — “Cyprus or Asia Minor? Put you down in no time. Better jump into my cab, Sir.”

Mr. G[ladstone]: — “No, thank you; your fare’s exhorbitant, and your driving’s too reckless for me.”

Disraeli’s cab, which stands near a sign “Star & Garter,” is labeled “Anglo-Turkish Patent Safety” — a reference to Disraeli’s negotiations at the Berlin Conference.

John Gordon Thomson (1841-1923), artist

Dalziel Brothers, engravers

Fun 29 (31 July 1878): 45

  • Cartoons about the Berlin Conference
  • Source: Hathi Digital Library Trust web version of a copy in the Princeton University library.