Society of British Artists

1847 Touchstone nominating the Degrees of the Lie, no. 187

1848 Morton before Claverhouse, no. 488

British Institution

1849 Cranmer endeavouring to extort a confession from Catherine Howard, no. 411

Royal Academy

1856 Burd Helen, no. 122

1859 Too Late, no. 900

New English Art Club

1896 The Flight of King Henry VI from Towton, no. 84 A Patrician, Anno Domini 60: Unfinished sketch for picture, no. 87 The Second Duchess, no. 88

1899 The Lady bound, Her Lover slain, no. 52

1899Kinmont Willie, no. 53

Liverpool Academy

1845 Falstaff acting King Henry IV

1846 Touchstone nominating the Degrees of the Lie

1846 The Little Loiterer

1847 Morton before Claverhouse

1848 Reginald Pole exhorting Henry VIII against the Divorce of Catherine of Aragon

1854 A Scene from the Surgeon’s Daughter – Middlemass’s Interview with his Parents

1859 Too Late

1862 The Outlaw

1864 Burd Helen

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