Fred Walker

Frederick Walker, the son Marylebone jeweller William Walker, was born in London, on 26 May 1840, and died in St. Fillans, Perthshire, on 4 June 1875. His obituary in The Times described him as “a young painter of rare genius, cut off prematurely in the springtide of his powers. At little more than thirty Walker had already made his power felt in three fields of art — as a designer on wood and as a painter in water-colours and in oil — in a way possible only to genius. His later achievements as a painter have gone far to override the recollection of his earlier work as a designer on wood.” The Times claimed that despite his youth, he “had the same wide and well-marked influence on his contemporaries and successors as he had already had on the younger generation of our water-colour painters” (qtd in Marks 314) and had begun to have on those who painted in oils. — Philip V. Allingham

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