Marie Meredith

Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys (1829-1904)


Black, white and red chalks

17 x 13 inches (43.2 x 33 cm)

“This beautifully rendered chalk drawing is a portrait of the novelist George Meredith’s daughter, Marie. Sandys was a great friend of Meredith and was very fond of Marie, whom he called ‘Mariette’ or ‘Riette’. e present picture was drawn in 1894 when Marie was 23 and newly married. Her father sent a letter to Sandys that year stating ‘I have bidden the Dearie [Meredith’s pet name for his daughter] march to the finish of her portrait, and she has vowed over again that she wished to and would. Your call will compel her. She has had visitings and receivings to do since her marriage.’” — British Portraits, no. 14

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Collection: The Fine Art Society

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