A Gathering Storm

A Gathering Storm by Albert Goodwin, RWS, 1845-1932. RA 1899. Watercolor and bodycolor, 10 1/2 x 14 1/2 inches; signed and dated 1908 and inscribed with title.

Goodwin's early works show a strong Pre-Raphaelite influence, but as his career progressed the influence of Turner became ever stronger and his landscapes became more imaginative and more atmospheric, concerned with fleeting weather effects rather than detailed documentation. A reviewer in The Spectator wrote in 1896: "Mr Goodwin's great power seems to lie in the fact that in his best work he is possessed by some strong and definite poetic emotion capable of being expressed by colour and form; - also that he has that command over the resources of his art which enables him to excite this emotion in others." — Rupert Maas.


The Maas Gallery. Exhibition catalogue. London, 2007. Catalogue no. 17.

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