Thomas Faed, 1825-1900. Artist (in his studio). John Ballantyne (1815-1897). c. 1865. Oil on canvas. 63.50 x 76.20 cm; framed: 80.30 x 93.40 x 7.00 cm. Collection: National Galleries Scotland. Accession no. PG 962, purchased 1923. Reproduced here under the terms of the Creative Commons CC by NC licence. [Click on both images to enlarge them.]

Closer view of the easel and painting.

Faed is shown in his studio in Kensington, in one of three paintings of him by Ballantyne, and one of a series of such paintings of artists at work on well-known paintings. In this case, the painting is Faed's The Mitherless Bairn: "This work was Faed's first great success, but it was exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy in 1855, about a decade before Ballantyne painted his view of Faed’s studio." The gallery goes on to tell us that most of these were completed by 1864, although there were some later ones as well. — Jacqueline Banerjee

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"John Ballantyne: Thomas Faed, 1825-1900. Artist (in his studio)." National Galleries Scotland. Web. 28 July 2022.

Created 28 July 2022