Cherry-pickers was the name given to the 11th Hussars originally from an incident in the Peninsular War when the 11th Hussars were engaged in an action with the French in a cherry orchard.

In 1833 James Brudenell's father, who was an old friend of William IV, was able to obtain for his son the command of the 11th Hussars. Brudenell succeeded to the Earldom of Cardigan and spent £10,000 a year on the regiment so the 11th Hussars soon became the smartest cavalry regiment in the service. Because of the cherry-red colour and tightness of their overalls they became known as the "cherry-bums" although the name "cherry-pickers" was still used. Lord George Paget uses the term 'cherubim' rather than 'cherry-bum'.

Last modified 8 April 2002