James Bell started his stained glass business in 1865 operating from 98 Great Russell Street, London WC1. Bell formed a partnership with James Sinclair Beckham on 4th September 1883 and the firm became known as Bell & Beckham.

James Bell died on 31st March 1885 (aged 43) and James Sinclair Beckham continued to trade as Bell & Beckham until about 1910.

James Sinclair Beckham died 14th March 1929 aged 90. He is buried at St Marylebone Cemetery (East Finchley Cemetery), High Street, East Finchley, London N2. There is no headstone or memorial at/on his grave – according to the cemetery records neither was ever purchased. The grave site was purchased and owned by his son-in-law Frederick Leopold Dyer Masterman, husband of his daughter Blanche Sinclair Beckham. — John E. S. Pankhurst [Mr. Pankhurst, the great great grandson of James Sinclair Beckham, kindly shared his information about this stained glass and tile-painting firm, with readers of the Victorian Web.]


Catalogues of Works by Bell & Beckham


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