[Credit to Christopher Arnander and the the Jekyll Estate. ]

There are a number of gardens to visit, which were wholly or partly designed by Gertrude Jekyll, influenced by her or similar to her gardens. Some of them are regularly open, while others are open on occasion or by special arrangement. Most of her gardens have disappeared because of war, development or ownership changes, but many of her original plans survive at the University of California; in England, Surrey History Centre has microfiches of these plans.

Great efforts have been made by owners to restore and maintain their Jekyll gardens, on the basis of her original plans. It is now possible to have a good idea of what her gardens were like by visiting some of these gardens. Enjoy a visit to one of the fine hotel/restaurants with well maintained Jekyll gardens (reservations normally needed).

Properties owned by the National Trust are marked NT; the opening times are given in the Trust's handbook, which is published each February. Properties marked NGS are part of the National Gardens Scheme; the scheme enables visitors to see gardens in private ownership, which are open on a limited number of days each year, with the proceeds going to charity. Opening times and other details are to be found in the 'Yellow book', published each February.

The approximate driving time in hours from London is indicated for each of the British gardens. A comprehensive list of gardens designed by her is to be found in the book Gertrude Jekyll; Essays on the life of a working amateur.

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Last modified 24 October 2018