The First Offering of Aaron, by Simeon Solomon. 5½ x 7¼ inches. Art Treasures of the Old Testament, p.85. [Click on image to enlarge it.]

This subject, which is taken from Leviticus, ix., shows the moment when Aaron is raising his hands in prayer to God before slaying the animal. The composition is presented as a classical bas-relief, with the figures placed on a shallow stage; a curtained wall blocks the background and the viewer’s eye is drawn from right to left until it is focused on the interplay of hands.

Scanned image and text by Simon Cooke. [You may use this image without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purpose as long as you (1) credit the person who scanned the image and (2) link your document to this URL in a web document or cite the Victorian Web in a print one.]

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Foley, Alex. Art Treasures of the Old Testament. London: Edwin Dalton [1921].

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